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Guy Inside Office: "Sorry about that, these walls are so thick."

Guy Inside Office: "I heard they could stop up to several hundred pounds of blunt force if it somehow came to that."

Guy Inside Office: "I wonder if they would let me test that somehow..."

Ben: "You look like a science guy."

Guy Inside Office: "I try."

Ben: "That’s pretty cool."

Kyle: "Sir, we were told to come to your office. My name is Kyle, and this is my friend, Ben Hargrove."

Ben: B]

Guy Inside Office: "Well, nice to meet the both of you."

Guy Inside Office: "My name is Professor Corrigan."

Prof. Corrigan: "Now what was all this about being told to come here?"

Kyle: "Professor, Ben here got an email this morning warning him about, uh, something, and telling him to come to this office. Ben, what did it say again?"

Ben: "Benjamin Hargrove, you have one day until you and everyone you care about die. Take what your friend found and bring it to office 617 in Gaunt University. Do not wait do not hesitate do not reply. The hours you have left lessen."

Kyle: "Yeah, word for word."

Prof. Corrigan: "Hrrmmm..."

Prof. Corrigan: "Do you have whatever the email is talking about?"

Kyle: "Yeah, I think I do."

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