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Ben: "Whoaa."

Kyle: "A doorway? What exactly do you mean by that?"

Prof. Corrigan: "Well, a doorway in a manner of speaking. It becomes something of a passage through reality itself."

Prof. Corrigan: "A way to travel across the spheres of spacetime, and into an entirely new reality."

Kyle: "To what end?"

Prof. Corrigan: "That is where the legends begin to differ the most."

Prof. Corrigan: "Because of course, anyone who could have collected all four pieces would hypothetically have no way to record their travels to wherever it is said to take them,"

Kyle: "Then where do these sources believe it takes you?"

Prof. Corrigan: "I’ve heard everything from an alien planet in a higher dimension, to a world home to a treasure of some sort, to even a realm where you can manipulate the very fabric of reality itself."

Kyle: "And do you believe this?"

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