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Prof. Corrigan: "From an academic standpoint, this tale of the Transphera pieces has always captivated my interests for reasons I really cannot fathom."

Prof. Corrigan: "And obviously, the sender of the email knew of my relation to the lore, prompting them to send the both of you here."

Prof. Corrigan: "I believe just enough that I have dedicated the majority of my life to studying the legend."

Prof. Corrigan: "But it has always been just that- a legend."

Prof. Corrigan: "Until today."

Prof. Corrigan: "I can’t thank the both of you enough for showing me this."

Prof. Corrigan: "This discovery is simply breathtaking."

Prof. Corrigan: "And could very well confirm years of research."

Prof. Corrigan: "However, if the legend is true..."

Prof. Corrigan: "Then it will have extremely dire consequences for the world."

Kyle: "How so?"

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