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Prof. Corrigan: "The pieces, when uncovered, are said to emit an instantaneous signal across the universe."

Kyle: "How is that possible? Even at the speed of light, wouldn’t it take years for that signal to get across?"

Prof. Corrigan: "Good catch. Normally, yes, it would. But these pieces are are not of this world."

Prof. Corrigan: "You’ll have to suspend your disbelief for the physical laws the pieces can supposedly break."

Prof. Corrigan: "But anyway, the pieces when unearthed emit a signal across the universe."

Prof. Corrigan: "Alerting... Others to the pieces."

Kyle: "And what do they do then?"

Prof. Corrigan: "They come to take them back."

Prof. Corrigan: "And will most likely raze the Earth in order to do so."

Prof. Corrigan: "According to the legend, this would not be the first time this has happened."

Prof. Corrigan: "But in previous instances, they were unsuccessful in recovering the pieces, which seemed to disappear before they could retrieve them."

Prof. Corrigan: "But they will always come back until they do."

Prof. Corrigan: "In fact, at this point they would already be on their way."

Prof. Corrigan: "Making it imperative that the remaining pieces be uncovered prior to their arrival."

Prof. Corrigan: "Somehwhere in the other realm lies the key to stopping the annihilation of Earth."

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